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Interdisciplinary Research Focuses

Affective Neuropoetics

Click the image above to read Leslie's posts "Affective Poetics and Narrative Need" on " "The Best American Poetry" blog. In the picture: Heywood with Jaak Panksepp (in blue) David S. Wilson, Anne B. Clarke, and Joe Weil after Panksepp's guest lecture at BU (organized by Leslie).

Current Research Projects

Leslie will act as guest editor of a special issue of Frontiers in Evolutionary Neuroscience focused on the cultural neurospsychology of sport. For more about forthcoming research publications, see Leslie's C.V.

Gender Studies

Leslie's continuing work in Gender Studies carefully considers perspectives and findings from multiple disciplines - feminism, cultural studies, evolutionary studies, and affective neuroscience - to examine how each discipline can both inform and question assumptions embedded in the others, thereby generating new understandings.

Sports Studies

Sport underscores intersections between the embodied and the symbolic with particular clarity, providing an exceptionally useful lens for examining the collisions and collusions that take place there.

Elsewhere on the Web (recent highlights)

“Off the Page” on WSKG radio (NPR)

Hear Leslie and NIcole Santalucia read poems, discuss craft, and touch on Leslie’s research in affective neuropoetics. Open this post then follow this link to

Affective Poetics and Narrative Need

During the week of March 25-29, Leslie is featured as Guest Blogger on “The Best American Poetry”. Her posts consist of a week-long series of essays entitled “Affective Poetics and […]

Next on Leslie's Calendar

May 21: Poetry Reading, Carriage House Poetry Series, Kuran Arts Center, Farmwood, N.J.
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